The mission of CAST is to advance our understanding of nuclear materials through use-inspired, basic research that leads to improvements in nuclear energy utilization, environmental remediation, and training of the next generation of nuclear scientists.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science

Monday, October 2, 2017

CAST Meeting

Professor Highlight

Dr. Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt

Thomas E. Albrecht-Schmitt received his B.S. in chemistry from Southwest Minnesota State University in 1993. He earned his Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry at Northwestern University under the direction of James A. Ibers in 1997. After a post-doc at the University of Illinois with John R. Shapley, he began his independent career at Auburn University where he rose through the ranks to full professor. In 2012 he moved to the Florida State University to become the first Gregory R. Choppin Chair in Chemistry. He is the Director of Center for Actinide Science & Technology – a Department of Energy, Energy Frontier Research Center. His research interests include all aspects of lanthanide and actinide chemistry, radiochemistry, nuclear energy, materials chemistry, environmental chemistry, and crystallography.